Why isn’t the government calling the LAX shooting “terrorism?”


Strong, strong roundup on the aftermath of the LAX shooting. Bringing up valid points, it is indeed true that “Based on available information, Ciancia’s alleged actions amount to a textbook case of “terrorism” according to the US government’s own definitions.” I’m going to reiterate the question again, why isn’t the media or the government calling the shooting “terrorism?” It is an important question that bears answering. 

Thought this the other day when I read about 6 inches of coverage, instead of the front page it probably would’ve been if he was Asian.

MOVIE TRAILER: Last Night Official (Starring Kevin Hart)

About Last Night trailer 2014 - Official movie trailer in HD - starring Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Paula Patton, Joy Bryant, and Regina Hall - directed by Steve Pink - Follow two couples as they journey from the bar to the bedroom and are eventually put to the test in the real world.

"About Last Night" movie hits theaters on Valentine’s Day February 14, 2014.

Inside Siri.

Ever wondered about the origins of Apple’s Siri? Well if you did, science, tech, innovation, and culture website The Verge take a look inside the art of making computers talk by going behind-the-scenes at Nuance Communications, the creators of the smartphone voiceover.

Entitled, “How Siri found its voice” the 10-minute documentary charts the history of voice synthesisation and how machines are learning to talk to us.



The owners of this London flat have found a way to maximise their living space without resorting to a bed that foldings into a closet.

If you’ve ever relied on natural light from a high skylight, you know that it can often feel like a second-rate window. This brilliant hack put the bed just feet below the light, thanks to a wrought iron basket mounted to the ceiling—so the sleepers wake up with the sun.

Aside from that obvious awesomeness, it’s also a smart space saver. This particular apartment is a cozy 500 square feet, but it seems much larger once you get rid of the large mattress. Underneath the bed is an office space, and above it is a glass skylight that retracts to reveal a rooftop garden.

Great creative use of space. I want.