Beyoncé has reinvented how to release an album. Over to you, Adele

The music industry is not what you might call shy when it comes to mimicking recent successes, so identifying big pop’s key trend for 2014 simply requires a glance back at 2013 when, in the year’s closing stages,Beyoncé stormed over the horizon with the year’s defining moment. With no warning, she released her long-overdue fifth album, along with 17 music videos. In an era when your average B-lister finds it hard to film the video for one song without the friend of a backing dancer leaking news of the shoot, Beyoncé pulled off a modern miracle by quietly shooting 17.

Happy Birthday Big Man!

There are sports stars, and then there are the few who transcend that name to become something different; Ali, Pele, the Williams sisters, to name just four. Michael Jordan, who celebrates his 51st birthday today, is one of them. Here are 23 (his jersey number) facts that prove he’s a true legend.

Michael Jordan with fellow Chicago Bull, Scottie Pippen

Picture: Tumblr/ForTheLoveOfTheGame23

1. Jordan began his career at the University of North Carolina in 1982. They won the championship.

 He won his first Olympic gold at home in Los Angeles in 1984.

 He won a second Olympic gold as a member of the US ‘Dream Team’ at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. 

 Jordan’s position is ‘shooting guard’. 

Michael Jordan doing what he does best

Picture: Getty

5. He played in 1,072 NBA games…

 Scoring 32,292 points (the third highest scoring player of all time)…

7. Making 5,633 assists…

8. And 6,672 rebounds.

Michael Jordan and Spike Lee in a classic Air Jordan advert

Picture: Pinterest

9. He retired from the NBA in ‘93, before announcing that he was going to try his hand at minor league baseball.

10. In 1993, however, Jordan rejoined the NBA and the Chicago Bulls.

11. He was named ‘Athlete of the Century’ in 1999, by ESPN.

12. Jordan bought the Charlotte Bobcats team for $275 million.

A classic nike Air Jordan advert

Picture: Pinterest

13. A pair of Air Jordans he wore in the 1997 NBA finals were sold for $104,765.

14. He gave his name to The Michael Jordan Steakhouse in Grand Central Station, New York.

15. The Nike Air Jordan II was the first Nike shoe to not feature the famous swoosh.

16. The Air Jordan IIIs were the first to feature the famous jumping Jordan logo.

A pair of legendary Nike Air Jordan

Picture: Getty

17. Nike design guru, Tinker Hatfield, took inspiration from the protective cover on lawnmowers when designing the Air Jordan XI. 

18. Bugs Bunny got a higher billing on the Space Jam poster than Jordan.

19. Jordan wore his college basketball shorts under his Chicago Bulls kit for good luck. 

20. Magic Johnson, another NBA hall of famer, said of Jordan: “There’s Michael Jordan and then there’s the rest of us.”

Michael Jordan in Space Jam

Picture: Allstar

21. Jordan landed 69 points in his highest scoring game.

22. He ate the same meal before every game: a massive steak, a baked potato, and a ginger ale.

23. The original Space Jam website is still live.